The Call of the Wild (2020)

The domestic dog Beck falls into the hands of the kidnappers, who take him from sunny California to the wild north. Beck is bought for the mail team: this is how his journey of great trials and adventures begins. A beautiful and exciting film for the whole family based on the story of the same name by Jack London. Together with the charming dog, the greatness and threats of northern nature are discovered by the heroes of Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Omar Sy, Karen Gillan.

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At the end of the 19th century, the height of the “gold rush”. The kind and intelligent dog Beck is the carefree pet of a wealthy judge from California. Beck’s happy life turns upside down when he falls into the trap of scammers who literally take him to the end of the world – to the snowy Yukon. Buck becomes a newcomer to the dog sled, first becoming familiar with the laws of the pack. He is captured by the cycle of incredible northern adventures, where he will face both the dangers of the wild and human cruelty. The brave dog will have sworn enemies and a good friend – an old wanderer with a difficult fate John Thornton. Traveling through the beautiful but harsh north, Beck discovers a whole world where he must choose his own place.

We invite you to join the great journey of one extraordinary dog and invite the whole family to watch the online film Call of the Wild.


Expensive commercial cartoon
My wife dragged me to view this work, showed a beautiful picture and I kind of immediately agreed.

However, from the first minutes of watching, I realized that cinema was not for me.

Looking ahead, it turned out that my daughter (11 years old) did not like it, and my wife. And we all have different tastes.

So, I’ll take it apart as I can.

Film genre.

It started out like a pure comedy. Then adventure, road movie, so to speak. It ended with a drama and a doggy melodrama. Oh well.

I was still drawn to the comedy – the children liked it, but the drama did not catch on at all.

We can say, of course, that this is a fairy tale, fantasy, as now you can call it in a modern way. But…

Film style.

If they drew a cartoon, a fairy tale, it would be more logical for all those improbabilities and absurdities that happen on the screen, but everything seems to be for real, with animal people and nature. However…


The main advantage (well, the one that, perhaps, should have been the main one) is the animals, or rather, the Dogs are not real. All human facial expressions, actions with intelligence not lower than human and unnatural movements. All animals!

To be honest, I am very sad that now you can draw anything on computers, and even so exciting (it may seem to many) that children (mostly urban, of course) will start to imagine animals like that.

We would draw a clean cartoon, like in Balto.

The same goes for nature. I’m sure many admired it. But, people … Nature and computer graphics are two different things.


The most pleasant thing was to look at Omar Si and Karu Gi, they had a good duet, sincere and funny.

Harrison Ford, of course, is an actor from God, but here he had nowhere to turn around. In some scenes, you can see how difficult it was for him to play, referring to the dog, which in reality was not next to him. In short, I even began to respect him less: why did he star in this?

For whom?
Who is this expensive cartoon for? Adults? Only if stupid, I think. teenagers? Not interested. Children 7-13. Are shooting, fighting, and drinking for them too? Small children?

And I will answer: cinema is for everyone, anyhow the richest studio in the world cut down the dough even more than it invested.

There is no beauty, truth, soul, and usefulness in this film.
A wonderful family movie. Kind, bright, dynamic. Great plot! We recommend to everyone.
Just a great movie, I advise everyone! Very delayed straight 10/10

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