The Banker (2020)

The story of African American business partners Joe Morris and Bernard Garrett, who founded a successful real estate agency in the 1950s. Avoiding racial restrictions, they hire a fake white head of the company, and they themselves pretend to be a simple janitor and driver. At the height of their success, the threat of exposure hangs over them.

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It’s no secret that over the past few years, numerous companies have decided to grab their tidbit of the now popular streaming services business and have announced the launch of their services. The streaming service of the ‘apple company’ is in the most disadvantageous position, which not only does not have an impressive library of films and TV series but also develops new projects rather slowly and slowly. The company was not lucky with this film by George Nolfi, which they wanted to promote in the award season and at the Oscar, but as a result of the discovery of a scandal with sexual harassment, they were forced to disown their work. However, how did George Nolfi’s film turn out? Let’s figure it out.

The plot of this film by George Nolfi is based on real events and tells the story of two African Americans – Joe Morris and Bernard Garrett, who founded a successful real estate agency in the 1950s and became one of the richest African Americans in the country. Managing the agency on behalf of a dummy white leader, while pretending to be a simple janitor and driver.

The authors of this tape managed to tell a really interesting and unusual story. At first glance, the authors of this tape raise the current topics of racial segregation, oppression of the rights of blacks, and even women (in some places). However, despite this, not only without boasting and not shouting about it, like most modern paintings, but in fact, it turns out to be much deeper and more interesting than it might seem at first glance.

The authors of this tape tell the classic ‘Cinderella story’ with the achievement of the American dream and the ascent from poverty to wealth with just mind and work. However, at the same time, the authors of this tape turn this very ‘American dream’ inside out and allow you to look at it from a slightly unexpected side. The whole story is presented with a little irony and very subtle humor, which does not set itself the goal of making the viewer laugh, but greatly facilitates the story and gives it a little dynamics. Moreover, using the example of the two main characters, the authors of this tape willingly say that a person is determined not by his origin and skin color, but by who he really is, what decisions he makes and how he ultimately acts. Thus, willingly saying that nothing is impossible and, if desired, a person can achieve absolutely everything.

The director of this tape, George Nolfi, made an excellent film, which I personally watched with great interest and in fact in one breath. Not least due to how subtly Nolfi managed to create a symbiosis of the genres of biographical drama and adventure comedy on the screen. Thus, on the one hand, creating a rather light, pleasant, and dynamic film. On the other hand, it is deep enough and piercing enough to readily listen to the morality raised on the screen. Not to mention the fact that Nolfi managed to perfectly recreate and convey the spirit and atmosphere of that time.

The film is certainly supported by the excellent acting of the trio of Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, and Nicholas Hoult. All three actors demonstrated strong acting, full immersion in their characters on the screen and, most importantly, did not try to pull the strap of attention to their side.

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