Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge (2020)

The plot of the cartoon tells about the next deadly tournament of Shang Tsung, in which fighters from Earth and other worlds participate. In the center of the story will be the Scorpio, hungry for revenge for the death of the family and the clan, who agrees to take part in an interdimensional competition.

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An excellent adaptation of the classic story
I don’t know how many times the story of the first Mortal Kombat tournament was told: there were a film and comics, and within the framework of the games it was repeated several times. But the announcement of the cartoon still aroused great interest among the public – the most vivid picture, coupled with the characters familiar to all and excessive violence, evoke the very feeling of nostalgia that fans of the video game series needed so much. Most of the film adaptations of Mortal Kombat suffered from a small budget, and outright weak script and (often) almost childish rating, which did not allow showing all the grotesque and, in many ways, ironic brutality of the battles of the fighters of the forces of the Earth and the Outside World.

And … viewers got exactly what the trailers promised! A short, dynamic, and sometimes very funny cartoon with a lot of references to the original games (and not only: the joke about Here’s Johnny is just great) is the very thing to get the maximum amount of entertainment in one evening.

Those who are new to the original, whether it be games or a 1995 film, will have a lot more difficult than fans of the franchise. In an amicable way, the script is very crumpled, the exposure of the characters is minimal, and the characters themselves are excessively caricatured even for a B-movie, the rules of the tournament, which are explained somewhere in passing and in the course of the plot, are violated repeatedly, the motivation and behavior of some characters raise many questions ( although there are questions about the presence of some characters in the plot, in principle).

Therefore, it is simply pointless to advise a cartoon to everyone and everyone.

But if you know who Kitana, Quan Chi is and what kind of clan this is – Shirai Ryu, then you will definitely get genuine pleasure from exciting battles. And nothing more important in the world of Mortal Kombat does not exist.

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