Netflix. Hulu. Amazon. Disney. HBO. You certainly know all these names and deal with some of them regularly. Of course, all of them cost money… on a regular basis as well. You just need to pay a determined sum for subscriptions monthly. But what if there is an alternative solution that combines all TV shows, movies, and sports events in one place. Fascinating, isn’t it? And this is all about the ShowBox application!

What is ShowBox?

ShowBox is a convenient multi-platform application that has an extensive library of different movies and shows. The working principle is familiar to the mentioned above services, but with a tiny difference – you don’t need to pay for these subscriptions. It’s free!

ShowBox Download APK


Latest version: 5.36
License: Free
Size: 36.36 Mb
Developer: Ivan Nichiporuk
OS: Android
Language: English
Last modified:


Download latest version:
ShowBox 5.36 .APK

!!! Unfortunately, the servers of the ShowBox application don’t function due to legislative issues, and it isn’t possible to watch the video content in HD quality. But there are some alternative options that you can consider as suitable replacements for the ShowBox app. !!!

Alternative Solutions

    • Cinema HD 2.2.2 .APK – one of the most prominent alternative applications to watch videos in HD
    • Titanium TV 2.0.23 .APK – a copy of Terrarium TV and obtains almost the same features
    • CatMouse 2.3 .APK – a new player on the streaming market but with an impressive catalogue;
    • UnlockMyTV – one more young competitor with smooth navigation and extensive library
    • TeaTV – a relatively good option but with a slower playback speed, compared to giants on the market
    • CyberFlix TV – looks like Titanium TV in terms of interface and is considered as a great copy of Terrarium TV
    • TVZion 4.2.1 .APK – a streaming service with a playtime restriction (a limit of five hundred hours)
    • Kodi 18.7 .APK – is an uncommercial service (an addon) developed by the community and entirely available for free of charge
    • BeeTV 2.4.7 .APK – a lightweight application that allows you to watch your favourite shows and movies for free
    • Megabox HD 1.0.5 .APK – another streaming service that has an unlimited collection of watching content from well-known services


Previous Versions:
ShowBox 5.35 .APK
ShowBox 5.34 .APK
ShowBox 5.30 .APK
ShowBox 5.24 .APK
ShowBox 4.27 .APK

ShowBox Features

ShowBox TV Shows

The Show-Box app is a fabulous platform for admirers of video content and those who want to watch this content in high quality. The service offers you a solid collection of video material with a regularly updated database from old movies to the latest masterpieces of modern cinematography. It also provides you with extra coupons from time to time to spare you money.

This streaming platform will allow you to relish your favourite romantic comedies on the big screen. People addicted to TV can watch it now even when they are busy with their lunch or having a tiring trip. This app greatly fits people who have an intent schedule and cannot enjoy their favourite shows. But now, they can enjoy storytelling of The Big Bang Theory, Friends, The Game of Thrones, and many others. What is more, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

Features of the ShowBox app:

  • A primitive and intuitive interface that does not require a Master’s degree.
  • The registration process isn’t needed.
  • A lightweight application that won’t take a lot of storage.
  • The Free-to-Use service.
  • A share-with-friends feature.
  • Online and offline watching sessions.
  • Most of the content is in HD.
  • All content is sorted by services.

The Latest Update of ShowBox

There are many older versions of ShowBox for Android, iOS, and PC with some technical problems: video content is not available on the server or other errors. In the latest update of the app (v5.36), which was released on 8 September 2019, all these problems have been corrected, and you can watch videos without facing difficulties for free.

The primary focus of the developers touched on the issues of stable operation and improvement of the performance.

What Is New in the Version 5.36

The latest update of the ShowBox application fixed the following issues:

  • Error with an internet connection.
  • The user interface of the app was improved.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
  • The application is working smoothly.


How to Install ShowBox Application on Android?

After you successfully downloaded the showbox.apk file, you can proceed to the next stage – installing the program. It’s mega easy, and you don’t need to worry about this process. Below, you can find the elementary instruction to install ShowBox on your gadget, running Android.

  • Initially, find the location of the downloaded file.
  • Once you launch showbox.apk, you can see a new window waiting for your permit.
  • You need to press the “Install” button, and the installation act will be started on your device immediately.
  • After that, click on “Open” to run ShowBox and see how many options you have right now.

Now your Android device has the new Show Box program installed. After that, you can delight in watching your favourite programs in ShowBox for free.

How to Install ShowBox Application on iOS? (without JailBreak)

Not unexpectedly, the Showbox app is not accessible on Apple Store. Instead, you can use a particular app and install the service another way.

Installing third-party apps to your smartphone that aren’t available on Apple Store is somewhat risky, so it’s highly recommended to take an authentic third-party store. And from this store, you will be able to find and install the app. Like a piece of cake, isn’t it?

How to Install ShowBox on PC?

  • The first step requires you to download an Android emulator. As an example, you can use BlueStacks (one of the most popular ones).
  • Find the emulator on the official source and download it. Once the process is complete, click on “Run” to initiate the installation process.
  • Now, you are a few steps behind.
  • Since Showbox isn’t formally available, so – download its .apk file on the Internet.
  • Remember: BlueStacks is intuitively smart and can identify .apk files. When the identification process is over, the installation will be started automatically.
  • Once the installation is finished – go to the Downloads folder, and you will see the downloaded file. The same icon image indicates that it’s compatible with the emulator.
  • Click two times on this file and follow the provided instruction. This process may take a moment, depending on your computer. After that, you need to launch BlueStacks. You will find the installed apps on the home screen, and the Showbox app will be among them.


    The Most Common Problems with the ShowBox App

    Showbox is a good application, but it is not yet perfect. There are still some bugs in the process of using it. Of course, not all users encounter them.

    Now your Android device has the new Show Box program. And at this point, you can enjoy your favourite movies in the ShowBox app for free. Here are some of the errors and how to fix them:

    • Errors with updates: you must first uninstall the old version of the application, then download the latest version using the link we provided.
    • Unstable work of the servers: this is an issue when you use an unstable server. Go to “Settings” and then pick a more stable one.
    • Errors related to Internet connection: check the stability of the connection.

    Why Does ShowBox Request Your Age?

    If you have such a question on your mind, we will give you a clear answer. The ShowBox application includes many different movies, TV shows, programs, and series in its library. Some of them have age restrictions. Therefore, the service requests you to provide it with reliable information.

    Bear in mind that the company doesn’t share this sensitive data with third-party sources, so you can be sure that nobody will get this information (except this app).

    Is ShowBox Legit?

    After such a long journey, you are probably thinking about the legitimacy of ShowBox. But it mainly depends on your residential place and the used content. If you don’t own the content, it’s an illegal move in many countries.
    Unlike other streaming sites, Showbox does not own the content and therefore falls into a gray area for lawsuits. But it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations before doing anything. This moment ensures that you won’t get into any trouble. The chances are unknown, but it’s better safe than sorry.

    In all scenarios, Showbox can be shut down if a lawsuit will be in the game. But such lawsuits only target the app’s developers and not users. However, it is always recommendable to take VPN software to be safe.



    We are glad that you get to know this service better and know alternative solutions to this app. In our time, there are so many opportunities to watch movies, TV shows, or sports events for free, but pay attention to legislation and don’t break the law.


    Is the ShowBox app available for free?

    Absolutely! The streaming service provided its services without additional payments. You could watch videos in high-quality resolutions without any problem and for free. Moreover, you don’t even need to register to use the services of the ShowBox application.

    Does ShowBox work in 2021?

    Unfortunately, all the servers of the ShowBox app aren’t working, and nobody knows how long it will be going.

    Can I still download the app on the Internet?

    Yes, you can. In our small article, we described how you could get and download the app on your mobile gadgets and PC, the alternative applications, and helpful information about the streaming service itself.

    Are such services legal?

    Considering the fact that you try to access the services without ownership rights, it’s illegal. But, take the point into account – the lawsuit will be directed to the app developers first because they are the source of spreading the media content in an illegal way.

    What is the latest version of the ShowBox application?

    The developers released the version of 5.36 on 8 September 2019. This version is called the latest one because the service stopped its activity in the same year.

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